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About Me

A Dedicated Music Instructor

William Bill Lloyd A dedicated Music Instructor

Welcome, I am William (Bill) Lloyd and I teach the Mountain Dulcimer.  I love the simplicity and the versatility of the instrument and I want to share my passion for the Mountain Dulcimer with you. I want to help develop, nurture, and inspire you to become a musician. 
I live in Alexandria, VA and provide lessons to the Washington DC Metropolitan area to include Baltimore, Maryland and Northern Virginia. I provide private and group lessons as well as workshops and conduct educational programs. I am a member of the First National Dulcimer Orchestra (FNDO), and I became exposed to traditional music and the Mountain Dulcimer after attending the Black Mountain Music Festival in 2018. I immediately became hooked.
My goal is to make learning to play the Mountain Dulcimer a fun and educational experience where students of all ages can succeed and experience the joy of learning and playing music

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